CPPSI – UC Davis Corporate Partnership

A student working on the Fusarium falciforme tomato harvest.

About the CPPSI Corporate Partnership

CPPSI is a cooperative initiative among seed companies, academia and government agencies who recognize the need for a central administrative entity to develop and distribute reference materials to the scientific community that facilitate consistent plant pathogen strain identification. These reference materials are available to the public and contain differentiating plant host sets (each host contains a known source of resistance), reference plant pathogen strains and instructional white papers for working with a given disease. The focus for reference material development is on diseases for which marketing claims of resistance are made. Centralized administrative management by the CPPSI director ensures that the appropriate plant pathogen strains and hosts are used in developing these reference materials. Known pathogen strains can be correctly identified and previously unknown plant pathogen strains can be discovered based on their phenotypic responses across the differentiating hosts.

CPPSI is a part of the Seed Biotechnology Center (SBC) at UC Davis. The SBC provides operational support, manages the CPPSI finances and administers the seed industry gifted funds. The CPPSI director is an employee of UC Davis.

The CPPSI Corporate Partnership (CPPSI-CP) is structured to share information and educational opportunities. Membership gifts support the development and delivery of reference materials and initiatives. The CPPSI program supports a broad-based and active partnership that keeps industry partners up-to-date and fully engaged with CPPSI education and outreach activities. Donations to CPPSI are made in the form of a gift to the UC Regents.  CPPSI-CP members receive the benefits listed below.


Benefits of the CPPSI-CP

  • Priority services for members as a center of plant pathogen strain resources and information and provides biannual overviews of these activities.
  • Member logo displayed on CPPSI website with a link to member’s website.
  • Provides a voice for members to address International Seed Federation (ISF) pathogen strain questions and input on international initiatives for consistent strain naming.
  • Provides access to reference materials and any written overviews that facilitate the identification of plant pathogen strains and races*.


CPPSI Resources Available

The web-based CPPSI system provides access to standardized reference strains, seeds of differential hosts and informative instructional white papers for use in identification of plant pathogen strains important in vegetable production. Visit our White Papers section for more information. These materials can also be used to initiate disease resistance screening programs. The CPPSI director also provides information, insights and resources for assuring consistency in disease resistance terminology and pathogen coding in collaboration with the International Seed Federation, European Seed Association, GEVES-MATREF (France), Naktuinbouw (The Netherlands), the American Seed Trade Association and other organizations.


How do I become a member?

All individuals, firms or corporations engaged in the distribution, breeding, production, testing and enhancement of seeds are eligible for membership in CPPSI.  Please send membership inquiries to Phyllis Himmel at cppsi@ucdavis.edu or by phone at 530-752-5874 and a Membership Form will be sent to youTo become a CPPSI member, please make a gift to the UC Regents by following the instructions found on the pledge and gift form.  Each member commits to paying an annual membership donation for a three-year term. Your gift will be assessed a 6% gift fee by UC Davis.  Additional CPPSI membership information can be found on our Membership Information page.



We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about membership and our collaboration. Please do not hesitate to email Phyllis Himmel at cppsi@ucdavis.edu or call her at (530) 752-5874.


*For IRS purposes, we estimate the quid pro quo value of CPSSI membership to be $500 of the entire pledged gift.