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Here are the latest updates in plant pathogen strains and differentiating hosts. 

Current events

  • International Bremia Evaluation Board news
  • Widely prevalent pathogens no longer requiring an APHIS permit
    Since, August 9, 2019, certain widely prevalent plant pests have been permitted by regulation (individual permits not required) for interstate movement within the United States. They are listed in a table you can reach with this link. The table is categorized by bacteria, cockroaches (feeder insect trade), fungi, insects, mites, nematodes, and viruses.
  • International Working Group on Peronospora
  • The Plantum isolate collection is a Dutch initiative which comprises reference isolates of viruses, bacteria, fungi and nematodes. The isolates are used for testing resistances in DUS variety research. Naktuinbouw  validates the isolates in biotests by inoculating sensitive varieties, and, if possible, also varieties with race-differentiating resistances. CPPSI has the same objective in the USA. Since our goal is to have worldwide standards we are in close contact with CPPSI and similar initiatives in other countries.